Are There Contradictions in God’s Word? NO

Are there contradictions in God’s word? No. Though some claim there are, it is not due to God’s word, but with the reader. Most times, they are not following the subject and object, or they are not seeing the deeper meaning. Continue reading “Are There Contradictions in God’s Word? NO”

Famine of the end times

The Famine of the end times, has to do with false teachings. Just as our bodies need nourishment to survive, so do our souls. People can eats huge amounts of food, but if it isn’t the correct foods, containing the nutrients people need, they will become ill or die of malnutrition. So it is with our souls. We need God’s truth and not what man says is truth.

False teaching is a serious issue and a very real one. God said there would be a famine, for hearing intelligently, his words, in the latter days…and how true it is.

The point is, false teaching has been going on since, almost from the beginning, and it would increase after Jesus’ crucifixion. We were forewarned. Sadly, many seem to overlook that fact and overlook the famine for hearing God’s word, and happily believe everything they are being taught, without hardly ever checking it out for themselves. Continue reading “Famine of the end times”