The 1rst, 2cnd, and 3rd influx of fallen angels and why God commanded the whole destruction of certain peoples

God had a reason for telling the Israelites  to totally wipe out certain peoples, when the Israelites were ready to enter the promised land… It wasn’t because our Father is cruel and heartless, nor does He play favorites. Many would realize this if our Father’s Word was taught in churches, chapter by chapter and verse by verse, book after book. Instead they teach only topical studies, and even then, barely is much read from our Father’s Word.

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Are There Contradictions in God’s Word? NO

Are there contradictions in God’s word? No. Though some claim there are, it is not due to God’s word, but with the reader. Most times, they are not following the subject and object, or they are not seeing the deeper meaning. Continue reading “Are There Contradictions in God’s Word? NO”

Rev 20, The 1,000 years after Christ Returns

Rev 19, Jesus has returned… Rev 20 follows the event of Christ’s return

One thing one must realize is that our Father is fair..Very fair. He will not sentence someone if they truly didn’t know what they were choosing. Just as He gave those a chance that passed on before Christ’s death and resurrection, whereas Christ went to those souls and preached to them:

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Was Jesus forsaken as He hung on the cross?

Was Christ Forsaken by God as He Hung on the Cross?


I say no! This is one topic I’ve debated many times with others. The more I debated it, the more I researched it, I found it to be true. God did not forsake Christ as he hung on the cross, dying for our sins. Jesus was the only perfect human being. To say God forsook him, his only begotten son, to me, is almost blasphemous!

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